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     "Everyone needs exercise, even people with a disability. Sled hockey is a great and fun way to exercise. Sled hockey has most of the same rules as regular hockey, but some of the equipment is different. Sled hockey clubs need help. Equipment can be very expensive and this might prevent people from playing when the whole purpose of sled hockey is for everyone to play. Sled hockey was invented in Stockholm, Sweden, in the early 1960s for people that had a love for ice hockey, but physically could not play, due to a serious injury. It is referred to as sledge hockey everywhere but the United States."

     -Zachary Rodier

"Hockey; everyone deserves to play"


Welcome to the PUSH for Sled Hockey    website. Thank you for visting us. Please explore the site and explore how you can help kids and adults play sled hockey. There are many ways you can help. Donate money or find out when to drop off your gear at one of our drop off boxes.



One of the ways you can help support sled hockey is by bringing your retired gear. Even broken sticks can be recycled into a brand new set of sled hockey sticks!

Our donation drive is over we raised 595 pieces of gear! Help by donating today!

Spread the Word

To reach our goals, we need as many people as possible to help us. So please help spread the word.

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